Breathing Air Trailer and Personnel 

Breathing Air Trailer Maintenance Pro #200

Breathing Air Trailer Operation Procedure #300

Respirators and Breathing Air Hose Pol #001

Cleaning, inspection, maintenance, and storage of respirators and breathing air hose Pol and Pro #002

Air Trailer Tech Pro #110

Air Trailer Technician Pol #001

Tire changing

Safety Watch Personnel 

Bottle Watch Person Pro #210

Bottle Watch Person Pol #001


Confined Space Entry and Rescue Pro#400

Confined Space Entry Pol 

Fall Protection Pro #610

Fall Protection Pol #003

Fall Protection Pol #010

Emergency Preparedness

Gas Detection

Initial Gas Detection Pol #004

Benzene Policy#001

Ultra RAE 3000

Drager Gas Monitor

Medical Personnel

Medical Transport Pro #750

Medical Transportation Pol #001

Temperature Assessment

Temperature Assessment Procedure

Thermometer DeltaTrak User guide

Covid-19 Management for Medics


Human Resources 

Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee & Representative #001

Mentoring & Competency Program #350

Workplace Violence Pol #001

Harassment & Discrimination Pol #001

Workplace Ergonomics Pol

Drug and Alcohol Pol #001
Critical Incident Stress Management Policy

WHMIS policy

Severe Weather

Discipline Policy

Incident Investigation

Fatigue Likelihood Assessment

Incident Investigation Form

Incident Management Policy

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Lunchroom and Office


Victory Electrostatic Sprayer Procedure


TC Energy Security Patrol

Security Post Orders

Public Complaint Policy


Hazard Assessment & Control Policy

Incident Management Policy

Inspection and Maintenance Policy

Obligation to Refuse Unsafe Work

Personal Protective Equipment

Safe Work Practices

Safety Orientation, Training And Communications

Vehicle Driving Policy


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Hardisty, AB T0B 1V0

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Cell: 1.780.385.4984 Randy Grove

Sherwood Park Office

330, 6000 Buckingham Drive

Sherwood Park, AB T8H 1A2

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