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Safety First takes great pride in the quality of personnel we provide. All staff are trained with a minimum of WHMIS, TDG, Standard First Aid, Petroleum Safety Training (PST), H2S Alive and Confined Space Rescue Level I & II. Each employee holds a valid driver’s license and has a clean driving abstract.


We provide supervision for a variety of projects including:

  • Turnarounds

  • Completions

  • Decommissioning

  • Hot & Cold Tie-ins

  • Service & Drilling Rigs

  • Production Testing

  • Plant & Pipeline Construction

Onsite Services

  • NCSO'S

  • Safety Advisors

  • Breathing Air Trailer Technicians

  • Breathing Air Trailer Bottle Watch

  • Confined Space Attendance

  • Rescue Personnel for Tank Vessel Entries

  • Technical Rope Rescue

  • Gate Access Control

  • Traffic Control

  • Clean-up Crews

  • Fire Watch/Spark Watch​

  • And much more...




All medics are accredited by the Alberta College of Paramedics as EMR, PCP, ACP and carry the required tickets to be present on an oilfield site. All nurses are registered with the College & Association Of Registered Nurses of Alberta and have their advanced first aid, specified in OH&S.

  • Advanced First Aiders

  • EMR

  • PCP 

  • ACP 

  • Nurses

  • LPN

  • RN

  • Licensed Physician


  • Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC)

  • Medic Office Trailers

  • Ambulance

Choose the level of care best suited to the site.

EMR (Emergency Medical Responder)- Their scope of practices include oxygen administration, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway adjuncts, the use and interpretation of a pulse oximeter, use and interpretation of a glucometer, blood pressure assessment by auscultation and palpation, chest auscultation, oropharyngeal airway suctioning, administration of the following oral, sublingual or inhaled medications: anti-anginal, anti-hypoglycemic agent, analgesia, platelet inhibitors (including nitroglycerin, glucose, nitrous oxide, acetylsalicylic acid, salbutamol, intravenous lines without medications or blood products). EMRs may administer naloxone and epinephrine by injection, and use an automated external defibrillation.


PCP- (Primary Care Paramedic)- Primary care paramedics (PCPs) are the entry level of paramedic practice across Canada. The scope of practice includes performing semi-automated external defibrillation, manual defibrillation, oxygen administration, ETCO2 monitoring, supraglottic airways, vascular access, cardiac monitoring such as Lead 2 interpretation and 12 Lead acquisition and interpretation, and administration of Symptom Relief Medications for a variety of emergency medical conditions (these include epinephrine, salbutamol, ipratropium bromide, aspirin, nitroglycerine, naloxone, dextrose, glucagon, gravol, ketorolac, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, benadryl). PCPs may also receive additional authorization in order to perform certain skills that are normally in the scope of practice of ACPs.


ACP (Advanced Care Paramedic)- The Advanced Care Paramedic is a level of practitioner that is in high demand by many services across Canada. The ACP typically carries approximately 20 different medications, although the number and type of medications may vary substantially from region to region. ACPs perform advanced airway management including intubation, surgical airways, intravenous therapy, place external jugular IV lines, perform needle thoracostomy, perform and interpret 12-lead ECGs, perform synchronized and chemical cardioversion, transcutaneous pacing, perform obstetrical assessments, and provide pharmacological pain relief for various conditions. 



In-House Courses:

  • H2S Alive

  • First Aid

  • Confined Space/Rescue

  • Global Ground Disturbance

  • Fall Protection

  • ACSA Flag Person

  • Skidsteer Operator

  • ATV/ UTV Training

  • Arial Platform Training 



Online Courses

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of courses that can be purchased and taken online, please click the button below to view a complete list.

A comprehensive panel of testing that is designed to help companies in all industries monitor the well-being of their employees, minimize the employee health risks and promote health and wellness in the workplace.

  • Urine Testing 

  • Hair Follicle Testing 

  • Breath Alcohol Testing

  • Saliva Testing

  • Audiometric Testing 

  • Spirometry Testing

  • Vision Testing

  • Fit Testing

  • RN & Physician Medicals





Rentals of all Fire Extingishers and Servicing. 


We will service onsite, also offering Pick-up / Delivery.


You can Purchase Fire Extingishers and Truck Mounts.




We believe that when a client orders a breathing air unit, a full job package should be provided and included in a standard trailer package. This is to include (2) Self Contained Breathing Apparatus' for a standard job with two designated muster areas.


We offer:

  • Breathing Air Trailers

  • Multi-Range Gas Monitors

  • Mesh Guard Systems

  • Benzene detection 

  • Breathing Air Rentals SCBA & SABA

  • Tripod & SRL

  • Radios

Wire Mesh Guard System

(4) Remote H2S Monitors/Sensors
(1) Light Bar (Area Alarm Monitor)
(1) Electric Siren
(2) Air Horns (if needed)

Full confined space entry and rescue kits are available, complete with:
  • sign

  • harness

  • lifeline

  • flag & caution tape

  • first aid kit

  • flashlight

  • air horn

  • supporting documentation

All couplers on breathing air hoses, manifolds and S.A.B.A. (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus) are Stainless Steel Hansen couplers.