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TSI Quest™ Sound Examiner SE-400 Sound Level Meters come in a variety of models to meet your sound measurement needs.


The Sound Examiner is engineered to accurately measure noise levels in highly variable environments, including those that require intrinsic safety (-IS models). These meters compute average sound pressure level (LEQ/LAVG) over the run time, helping you to more accurately assess occupational and environmental noise levels. Instruments are available in Class/Type 1 and Class/Type 2 models. The SE-401 and SE-402-R models feature a removable preamp to support remote monitoring. Intrinsically safe models allow for monitoring in hazardous environments. All models are ready to use with no set-up required.

TSI Quest™ Sound Examiner SE-400 Sound Level Meters are an excellent solution for a variety of applications, including:

  • Occupational noise evaluation including hazardous locations

  • Environmental noise assessments

  • General acoustic analysis

  • Machinery and equipment noise evaluations

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