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ATV/UTV Safety Training



Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) like ATVs and UTVs are fun recreational vehicles as well as useful work tools when jobs need to be completed in the bush. Because of their recreational status, we sometimes underestimate their potential for hazards. But their unique builds and specific operating requirements can easily make operators the victims of incidents if they are not aware of the dangers of operation.

Using live action demonstrations, animated diagrams, and interactive activities, this online ATV/UTV Safety course provides you with the knowledge necessary to operate and control your OHV both safely and effectively. Throughout the course, we cover hazards common to OHV operation, hazard controls, ATV and UTV components, and best practices for operation.



This online ATV/UTV Safety course covers the following topics:

  • ATV and UTV components

  • Common OHV operation hazards and how to control them

  • Incident reporting procedures

  • Pre-ride and post-ride inspections

  • Start-up procedures for ATVs and UTVs

  • Testing the drive system

  • Best practices for ATV and UTV operation

  • Driving on hills, slippery surfaces, soft ground, sand, and other conditions

  • Characteristics of responsible operators

  • Loading and winching

  • Loading and securing machines for transport

  • Storage and annual maintenance procedures

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