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  NORM Meter


  TracerCo T-407-C NORM Meter



TracerCo radiation survey meters are new to Canada, and represent an extremely robust, reasonably priced instrument for multiple purposes. The new NORM Meter (T-407-C) offers detection of Alpha and Beta particles as well as Gamma radiation. 

This flexible system pairs a thin window Geiger-Müller probe for external contamination surveys, with a 1" Sodium Iodide scintillator offering great sensitivity for NORM detection through vessel walls.

The T-407-C is intrinsically safe to CSA standards. It is also weather resistant, preventing the penetration of rain, through most surfaces.

The T-407-C also allows display in Bq/cm2 for NORM radionuclides Lead-210 and Radium-226, allowing direct comparison to the Canadian Guidelines for the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.



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