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Innovating for a safer tomorrow !

Our Commitment 


To create opportunities for the growth of our organization with our valued team members and treasured clients at the forefront.  Through the dedicated efforts of our team and their focus on exemplary customer service. We aim to not be a good company, but a great company, not only for our customers, but for our team, our clients, and our community.  We strive to be the first choice health and safety provider in Western Canada. 


To achieve our vision we depend on our core values and customer service, to attain greatness.  

                                Our Core Values

Safety A good safety culture is built on teamwork, working cohesively between personnel and clients to protect the lives of workers, the assets of business and our shared environment. 

Integrity:  Integrity is the same. It's the sum of all your decisions over time; when you choose each day to live according to the standards you set for yourself, you build integrity on the inside and in the minds of the people around you.


Leadership: To influence, inspire and help others become their best selves, building their skills, and achieving goals along the way.


Teamwork:  Teams can simply do more than an individual. If we want to win as leaders, we must embrace the value of teamwork and holding each other accountable. Teams go above and beyond what an individual can achieve. Then, as a team, we can celebrate the wins and work through the losses together.


Excellence:   Excellence is a talent or quality which surpasses ordinary standards. We achieve excellence by a positive and friendly approach to those we work with inside and outside our organization.   

Safety First Industrial Canada Inc. 

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