Our Vision 


To create & seize opportunities for the growth of our organization with our valued team members and treasured clients at the forefront.   Through the dedicated efforts of our team, we aim to be the first-choice health and safety service provider in Western Canada. 


To be the beacon of light and promise of longevity in an otherwise humdrum, routine offering of these services in a vital industry with a continued rapid pulse.   We provide high-quality, skilled safety services for the heart of the resource and construction industry to the highest standard possible. 

Our Core Values

Safety: A good safety culture is built on teamwork;   Working cohesively between personnel and clients to protect the lives of workers, the assets of business and our shared environment. 

Integrity: There is an inherent sense of "wholeness" working with our organization; building on strong qualities such as honesty and consistency of character.   We believe in transparency; what you see is what you get; and with that, we strive to achieve more for and with our clients to bring success to any project or team.  


Quality:  We practice a mantra of exceeding client expectations with every job.  We go the extra mile to provide our clients every need.

Teamwork: Through teamwork we strive to create a culture that is described as warm, welcoming, supported; we have a local small-town feel; no matter how our business evolves, we stay true to our core value of treating our clients & team members like friends and family. 


Excellence:   Is a talent or quality which surpasses ordinary standards. We achieve excellence by a positive and friendly approach to those we work with inside and outside our organization.  By following our core values this will be achieved. 

The Safety First Team!