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In house courses offered in our Hardisty location.
Courses can be offered onsite as well email: 

H2S Alive

A classroom-based 1-day ESC certified course in H2S safety.


Standard First Aid

Classroom-based 2-day St. John Ambulance-certified course in standard first aid.

On the Wheel

Spotter Training

An award winning internationally recognized Thinking Driver defensive driving program.

Image by John Kakuk

Traffic Control (Flagger)

image 2.png

Fall Protection


AWP Course

Provides the minimum requirements for the training of operators for Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) 

Image by Fabian Jung

CSE/R Course

This is a classroom-based 1-day LSS-certified course in confined space entry and rescue.

Image by Vasile Valcan

ATV/UTV Training


Skid Steer Course

Cancellation policy

Safety First Industrial Canada has now implemented a cancellation fee effective immediately.

The cancellation procedure typically includes:

1. Notification: Inform us of which course you wish to cancel as soon as possible.
2. Timing: If canceling within the 24-hour window before the course, be aware that you’ll likely need to pay the full course cost. If cancellation takes place outside of the 24-hour window, expect to pay a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the original course cost.
3. Payment: Safety First Industrial Canada will now be taking payment on the day you sign up for the course required.
4. Confirmation: After payment, ensure you receive confirmation of the cancellation and any refund or remaining balance owed to you.
5. Compliance: Adhere to the cancellation policy outlined by the provider to avoid any additional charges or penalties.

Always review the provider’s specific cancellation policy to understand any additional terms or requirements.

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