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Leadership Team

Jonathan Muirhead


Mr. Muirhead acquired Safety First Industrial Canada Inc. in 2012. Leveraging highly trained and loyal personnel with decades of experience in the oil and gas sector, the company consistently delivers top-quality solutions and services. Beyond his professional endeavors, Jonathan enjoys the great outdoors, with passions that include hunting, fishing, and, most importantly, being a devoted father to his two beautiful daughters. His legacy extends beyond business; it’s about safety, excellence, and family.

Owner, Director, President

Jonathan Muirhead

Justine 12.PNG

Justine Ness


Ms. Ness is proud to be the President of Safety First Industrial Canada. She joined the Leadership team in 2011 and acquired ownership in 2022. Ms. Ness provides strategic direction, creates long-term value, and generates profitable growth through the creative strategies of business development.

Ms. Ness has a natural affinity for leadership and problem solving she possesses an unwavering work ethic with fearless grit and tenacity.  She is an unstoppable force that loves people, negotiation, and team building.

Her passion is her family and the company. 

Owner, President

Justine Ness

Safety First 2021-38.jpg

Vice President

Field Operations

Jody Jewell

Work Cell: 587-989-4940

Office: 587-745-2601 ext. 3

Jody Jewell

Mr. Jewell  joined the Safety First Industrial Canada Inc. leadership team in 2020. With his attention to detail, process driven attitude, high work ethic and integrity, he looks to generate profitable growth and a high performance team. With years of experience building and leading teams, he is proficient at directing projects that improve processes and efficiencies while meeting deadlines and budget requirements.

Previous to joining Safety First Industrial Canada Inc., Mr. Jewell served in various senior positions including District Manager – Operations for BOS Solutions- Leduc District, VP – Operations for Global Ops-Kayden Industries, Director of Operations – North America-Kayden Industries Ltd, and Operations Manager – Canada - Kayden Industries Ltd.

Mr. Jewell's introduction to the industry was in 1996 with various drilling rig contractors.

Mr. Jewell is married and has three children, enjoys fitness, and golfing.


QHSE Manager

Sam Ruzicka- Drager

Office: 780-888-3926

Sam Ruzicka- Drager


Ms. Ruzicka- Drager is a remarkable individual who has made significant contributions in her personal and professional life. She is a loving wife and the proud parent of three adorable dogs, who bring immense joy and companionship to her life. Outside of her professional commitments, Sam has developed a deep passion for woodworking and golfing. 


Professionally, Sam has been an integral part of the Safety First team since 2018. With her dedication and expertise, she has played a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of both employees and customers. Sam's commitment to excellence and attention to detail have made her an invaluable asset to the organization. Throughout her tenure at Safety First, Sam has consistently demonstrated her strong work ethic, exceptional problem-solving skills, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Sam's passion for safety and her genuine concern for others have been instrumental in building strong relationships.


Overall, Sam is an exceptional individual who consistently brings her dedication, creativity, and passion to everything she does. Her love for woodworking, golfing, and her commitment to safety reflect her well-rounded personality and drive for excellence.

Tyler Farmer.jpg


Sales Manager

Tyler Farmer

Work Cell: 403-969-0228

Tyler Farmer


Mr. Farmer is an accomplished Sales Manager known for his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering dedication to success. With a proven track record of driving revenue growth and exceeding targets, Tyler brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to his role.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Tyler is a devoted husband and loving father, cherishing his family above all else. His commitment to fostering strong relationships extends to his colleagues and clients, where he prioritizes collaboration and communication to achieve mutual goals.
Tyler's passion for excellence extends beyond the boardroom. As a former lacrosse standout who earned a full scholarship to Mars Hill University in North Carolina, he learned the value of teamwork, perseverance, and discipline. Today, he channels that same competitive spirit into his love for golf, hockey, and lacrosse, finding balance and inspiration in sportsmanship and camaraderie.
With a blend of leadership acumen, industry expertise, and a genuine passion for his work, Tyler Farmer continues to make a significant impact, both professionally and personally. He is a driving force behind his team's success and a respected figure within the sales community, embodying the qualities of a true leader and influencer


Accounts Receivable

Leslie Perez 

Office: 780-545-9191 ext. 5

Accounts Payable

Office: 587-745-2601

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