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We are a GasClip Dealer, Repair and Service Provider.  We also sell and repair a wide range of other detection devices. Also calibration and bump gases. Find our how we can assist you and your needs call the office 780-888-3926 or send us an email to 


Make Safety First your partner for calibration and maintenance. A quick call or just stop in to arrange your calibration service. We’ll direct you to send it to the location closest to you Sherwood Park AB or Hardisty AB. Most calibration and maintenance jobs to be turned around within the same day. In that time, Safety First will:

  • Inspect and clean all parts of the instrument.

  • Update any firmware.

  • Test all sensors and replace all filters.

  • Provide a full evaluation and advise if any repairs are needed or if it’s time for a replacement.

  • If a repair is needed, service may take longer. We’ll give you an estimate for the time needed and the cost and get your go ahead before we make any repair.


Any instrument that measures toxic or combustible gas, needs to be calibrated. These devices protect the safety of workers and anyone who could come in contact with these hazardous gas or material. It’s also the law. It helps to protect your organization against liability if there is an incident, injury, illness or death.

Performing regular calibration and maintenance just makes sense. Don’t take chances. Calibrate your equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The frequency for calibration and maintenance depends on the equipment and usage.

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