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Onsite Rescue Services

We provide rescue for a variety of projects:

  • Turnarounds

  • Completions

  • Decommissioning

  • Tie-ins

  • Production Testing

  • Plant & Pipeline Construction

  • Bine pond maintenance

  • Tank roof maintenance and repair



Confined Space Watch

Entry into tanks and other confined spaces by workers is necessary for many industrial operations and entry into such confined spaces may present a hazard to the worker.  Confined Space watch is a requirement by OH&S when ever anyone is entering a confined or restricted space. Make sure your team is in good hands with a professionally trained Confined Space Watch that knows the dangers of the task. Our confined space watch team is fully aware and confident to take the necessary step to ensure the teams safety.  Knowledge pertaining to pre-entry procedures, accurate personnel count, emergency procedures, and when and how to evacuate the space is critical.


Standby Rescue

Hire our standby rescue personnel for a few hours, several days, or for multiple weeks. It's often the most efficient solution in terms of time and money spent and it's definitely the safest.  

Our safety and rescue professionals can serve as stand-alone resources, or as a supplement to your own emergency response teams. We have a track record of working with clients in a manner that meets both their operational standards and best practices.  Our technicians meet provincial and national OSH standards including WCB, ANSI, CSA and NFPA. 

Technical Rescue


Safety First's technical rescue team uses specialized tools and skills for rescue, including confined space rescue, rope rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse rescue, and water rescue. These often require specialized rescue teams as they exceed the capabilities of conventional fire departments or emergency medical services


Safety First takes great pride in the quality of personnel we provide. All staff are trained with a minimum of WHMIS, TDG, Standard First Aid, H2S Alive and Confined Space Entry and Rescue.

Confined Space Entry and Rescue entry training is delivered as a combined program covering all topics from both the Pre-entry and the Rescue course.  This program provides and understanding of Pre-entry planning, Legislation, identification of spaces, permitting, hazards, evaluation of hazards, common control techniques for hazards, codes of practice and terminology used in confined space work. During the Rescue program the participants are provided a greater understanding of the use of: breathing apparatus, detection equipment commonly used in confined spaces, use of a body harness, isolation of and emergency control of hazards in confined space incidents.  Practical skill development focuses on inspection and use of breathing apparatus, body harness, isolation systems and physical rescues from a restricted space.

Our Lead Rescue Technicians are professionally trained and have earned the experience to develop comprehensive hazard assessments and pre-entry plans while also abating the risks associated with working in elevated areas. With multiple years of field and hands on experience. Our lead rescue technician and the management team are responsible for the mentorship of new team members. 

The Rescue Technicians are National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) Standard 1006 compliant and conduct a 5 day, 40 hour, initial training course.  To ensure that they meet Safety First's high standards.

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